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From a Research Project to a Career in ResearchBerthelot_Simon

During my residency, specializing in emergency medicine, my Resident colleagues and I had the opportunity to receive a grant from CAEP for a CPR training project intended for elementary school students in Quebec (Implantation d’un programme de formation en réanimation cardiorespiratoire (RCR) pour des élèves du 3e cycle d’une école primaire de la région de Québec) (2007). I strongly believe that this grant and resulting project contributed significantly to my career choices. In fact, the reason I am currently a Research Fellow in the department of emergency medicine in the Calgary region, is essentially because CAEP provided us with the means to fulfill our ambitions. The funding made possible the realization of a team project that demonstrated the strength, the potential and the value of collaboration between individuals united by a common research goal.

Without this research experience, I would probably have continued to overvalue the impact of the principal author and underestimate the importance of collaborators in the study’s success. Now, I see research as intense and stimulating teamwork that could not be accomplished without the necessary collaborations that give it its scope and value. This is why I wish to contribute to research.

Research is often quite demanding, yet I do not believe it is reserved for the elite or for the brightest minds. Hard work, determination and collaboration are key components of a project’s success. Unfortunately, there is one limitation beyond the control of even the most motivated researchers: funding. Numerous projects never see the light of day due to a lack of appropriate funding. This is why CAEP’s support for research is essential. By supporting me in the realization of my first project, CAEP inspired me. I am now contemplating making research an important component in my contribution to emergency medicine.

Simon Berthelot, MD CCMF(MU) FRCPC(MU)

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