Lasting Legacy Society

Please consider including CAEP’s EM Advancement Fund in your estate planning: a bequest in your will, a life insurance policy, or other forms such as a charitable gift annuity.
Most people who make a long term commitment do so with a simple mention in a Will (or Codicil to an existing Will). You can leave the residue of your estate or a proportion using a percentage or a specific amount. The residue is what remains after your heirs have received their specific gifts or proportion, and administrative expenses and any taxes paid. An advantage is that as your circumstances change, your Will does not have to be altered, as the proportion remains the same..
The wording can be as simple as: “I bequeath the residue of my estate (or _______% of the residue of my estate) to the Endowment Fund of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.” Another way is to name a specific amount. Sample wording: “I give $_____________to the Endowment Fund of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.”
For variations on how to word a Will please click here. For other estate planning options please contact us. Dr. Garth Dickinson is the Chair of the Endowment Fund and can also provide some more information.
People who include the EM Advancement Fund in their estate planning are truly a special group. They have committed to support EM research in perpetuity. In special appreciation of this generosity, we are pleased to establish the Lasting Legacy Society.
Benefits include:

(1) A donor’s wish for anonymity will always be respected.
(2) CAEP is a registered charity. All donations are fully tax creditable.


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