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Emergency Medicine research is underfunded in Canada.

You and your family will almost certainly need to visit an emergency department in your life. [99% of Canadians do.] Yet, emergency medicine research receives less than nearly every other form of medical specialty. Moreover, emergency medicine research is very practical: reducing wait times, improving diagnostic tests, developing new treatment methods, and saving lives immediately.

CAEP has responded.

CAEP is urging increased funding for EM research. In addition, over the past ten years more than 50 research projects have been directly funded by CAEP. These grants have been essential in developing new front line, evidence-based improvements in patient care. Grants are directed to young researchers and often fund initial pilot projects that go on to receive major funding from other sources.

But that’s not enough.

CAEP members have said we need more and larger grants for EM research – after all, these studies are what develop the new procedures, processes and techniques that we all employ. Starting in the 2015-2016 funding cycle, we need to double the amount granted to both new research studies and the presentation of abstracts.

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