What is the EM Advancement Fund?

It is the fundraising arm of CAEP that aims to improve emergency patient care through research. Today’s research results in tomorrow’s treatments.

Why is my donation important?

Your donation is important to increase the number of CAEP grants that will improve emergency patient care and foster the next generation of emergency care researchers. Since 2015, we have offered twelve additional$10,000 grants to the program.

How can I make a donation?

  • Click Donate Now at TheEMAF.org.
  • Complete a donation form with payment information.
    • We accept all major credit cards.
    • Cheques payable to the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (include EMAF on the memo line).

Who supports the EMAF?

  • The vast majority of the CAEP Board of Directors has donated at the $1000 level.
  • A number of past presidents have given significant donations.
  • Previous grant recipients and award winners have supported the fund.
  • Most CAEP members give through their annual membership renewal.
  • CAEP staff have given.
  • The EMAF virtual donor wall displays all recent supporters (unless anonymity was requested).

How does “Docs that Rock” fit in?

  • Docs that Rock” is the signature fundraising event of the EM Advancement Fund.
  • Net proceeds support the EMAF Annual Fund, which helps to improve emergency patient care through fundraising research.

Who decides how the research funds are spent?

CAEP will continue to use the same peer-review process for awarding grants. We currently fund five grants of up to $5000 each, but as the fund grows, new opportunities will need to be addressed (for example, in 2015 two new $10,000 grants were added to the program). Any changes to the number and amount of the CAEP grants and awards will be subject to CAEP Board approval. The EM Advancement Fund Terms of Reference are available here.

What are the administrative costs associated with the EM Advancement Fund?

Currently, the EM Advancement Fund is subsidized by CAEP. We pay a 2% transaction fee for processing credit card donations, while the remaining 98% goes directly toward funding research. As the fund grows, CAEP will closely monitor administrative costs to ensure they remain within the industry standards.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, your donation is fully tax receiptable. CAEP is a registered charity (#118829357RR0001). Under CRA legislation, the entrance fee for Docs that Rock is not eligible for a tax receipt as there is a perceived benefit to the admission fee (i.e. entertainment, venue, etc).