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You can direct your EMAF donation to support research For Now or Forever*. 

For Now 

Annual Fund

Every year you make new EM research possible when you donate For Now, the program to give annual research grants and awards. This stream is the main annual appeal to support the yearly awards and research grants. We ask especially that you consider a monthly donation at one of the EM Club levels.


Endowment Fund

The need for EM research will never end. Every year, every decade. Your pledge to the EMAF Endowment will make EM research possible for the long-term by generating interest that will fund future research projects.

Lasting Legacy Society

Many people support charities in their wills because they care about causes that have been important in their lives. Please consider leaving such a gift to support more of the EM research that has helped make your career in EM successful. Dr. Garth Dickinson is the Chair of the Endowment and can provide additional information about such a gift. Or you can speak with an EMAF Team member for more details.

Learn about the Lasting Legacy Society here.



*CAEP EM Advancement Fund – Terms of Reference (2015)

Board Approved: September 22, 2015

Previous version: 1996 Research Endowment Fund Terms of Reference

PDF Version


  • To grow an independent fund within CAEP dedicated to the promotion of research in emergency medicine (EM).


  • To provide financial support for research in the field of EM.
  • To provide a charitable means of supporting EM in Canada for CAEP members, the public, and industry.


  • With a long-term strategy, establish and maintain a charitable fund termed the “EM Advancement Fund” that includes two distinct arms, the EMAF Annual Fund and the EMAF Endowment Fund.
  • EMAF Annual Fund:
    • It will use funds collected in the previous year to fund the annual CAEP Grant Competition and Research Abstract Awards.
    • Funds will only be awarded, when there are deserving submissions (as deemed through the peer-review research competitions).
    • Any funds not used in the current year will be transferred to the EMAF Endowment Fund and abide by its conditions.
  • EMAF Endowment Fund:
    • It will maintain all donations within the fund using a long-term financial strategy.
    • In order to fund research annually, only the interest accrued during the previous calendar year will be used, and it will only be used once the principal generates at least $10 000/year in interest.
    • Any funds not allocated during a calendar year will be reinvested in the principal of the fund.
  • Donors can contribute to their preferred fund: EMAF Annual or Endowment Fund.


Distribution of New Funds to Grants and Awards

  • A sub-committee consisting of Research Committee Chair (Sub-committee Chair), the Academic Section Chair, and two other CAEP members (not on the CAEP Board), plus the CAEP President and Treasurer as ex-officio members, will make recommendations for the distribution of new funds (i.e., the number of grants and/or awards and their size) to the CAEP Board.
  • Final approval for disbursement of funds with respect to their number and monetary value is the responsibility of the CAEP Board.

Grant and Abstract Award Process

  • The CAEP Research Committee will manage the research competitions, rank all submissions through a peer-review process, and award research proposals and abstracts from CAEP Members according to the amount of funding and any terms.
  • Grants may also be sought from foundations to support EM research and supplement the EM Advancement Fund disbursement. The scope and disbursement of these funds will be overseen by the sub-committee described in the Distribution of New Funds to Grants and Awards section, while the Research Committee will manage the peer-review of submissions, rank the grants and/or abstracts, and award the available funds according to the terms of the grant(s) and its disbursement.

Management of Fundraising Activities

  • The Annual and Endowment Fund campaigns will be managed by CAEP Staff under the supervision of the CAEP Executive Director.
  • The CAEP Executive Director and Staff will form the EM Advancement Fund Team.
  • At a minimum, the Team will include: Executive Director, Research Manager, Membership Manager, and Finance Manager.
  • The EM Advancement Fund Team will be responsible for maintaining a database of donors, issuing tax receipts, and managing communications to donors and CAEP members, promoting the EM Advancement Fund, and maintaining webpages about the activities.
  • A report on the EMAF progress will be presented to the CAEP Board twice annually.

Soliciting Donations

  • Donations will be solicited based on the principles of fundraising (Appendix 1 – Key Principles).
  • To make the inner-circle donation requests (e., those closest to the organization will be asked first [Appendix 1]), there will be at least two Cabinets: Annual Fund Cabinet and Endowment Fund Cabinet.
    • Candidates for cabinet chair and member positions are identified by their commitment to EM research.
    • Each Cabinet will have at least one chair.
    • All cabinet appointments are voluntary and renewable.
    • There is no limit on the number of cabinet members, but it is expected to align with the size of the respective EMAF campaigns.
    • The EMAF Cabinet members will be responsible for asking for donations from the CAEP Board, past-board, past-presidents, committee chairs and members, previous grant and award recipients, and other high profile members of the CAEP community, as identified.
  • For general donation requests, the EM Advancement Fund Team will prepare materials and solicit donations.
  • A campaign to the general public may also form part of the EM Advancement Fund.
  • Support from industry may be sought, and will adhere to the strict guidelines outlined in the CMA Policy: Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry.
  • Grants may also be sought from outside sources i.e. charitable/private organizations and donors

Docs that Rock

  • Docs that Rock will be a signature event of the EM Advancement Fund.
  • An EMAF Event Chair, supported by the EMAF Advancement Fund Team, will organize the event, which will be held annually at the CAEP Conference.
  • All proceeds from Docs that Rock will be transferred to the EMAF Annual Fund.


  • Funds from the EM Advancement Fund will be available to CAEP Members only.
  • All funds will be used to support research (e.g., project grants for clinical or education research and research training).
  • Grants obtained from organizations external to CAEP may provide funds for research training or education in addition to research.
  • Applications for funding should follow the guidelines of the CAEP Research Committee.
  • A written report and detailed budget (financial statement) are required at the completion of any funded project.
  • Funds from CAEP operations will support five $5 000 grants annually, then additional funds available from the EMAF Annual Fund and EMAF Endowment Fund interest will be distributed pending Board approval of the EMAF Sub-committee recommendation.

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